“The Lìndal Supreme” Icelandic Saddle with Contour Master TM Wide Panel and Quilted, Comfort Seat


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Description Lindal Icelandic Saddle and the Lindal LS for large shouldered horses

This Saddle has been designed for Icelandic horses. It has taken us many months of thought and design to create a saddle that fits the tricky, Icelandic horses conformation perfectly.
The LS version is a revelation for those of you with large shouldered horses (see full LS information below)
These saddles include a beautiful, soft and comfortable padded/qulited seat. Below lies the latest cutting edge materials, this makes for the most comfortable rides imaginable. (A Suede quilted seat costs £125 extra)
We make this saddle with the superb Contour Master wide weight bearing panels offering a great fit, balance and comfort for the horse (see last photo)
Contour Master™ Wide Panels absorb pressure, ensuring the horse is free from discomfort and thereby improving performance immensely. This panel is designed to place more panel on your horses back and therefore spreading the bodyweight of the rider and their chosen kit. This creates even pressure and eliminates the pressure points, and other issues, that cause so many back problems in our horses.
The Contour Master™ Wide Panel, a truly innovative idea that is perfect for longer rides and those who require a more comfortable seat. The Contour Master™ Panel adjusts to every contour of the horses back.
The Contour Master Wide Panels™are also available in a White English Lambs Wool, flocked, panel on request.
We offer all possible Girth strap arrangements including long, dressage style and “Y” system, just let us know your preference. 3 strap girthing arrangement by default & we always add the Point and Balance arrangement for wider saddles, or on request, free of charge.
Suede seat and knee pads can be added on request £POA
The LINDAL LS (Large Shoulder) Saddle *Patent Pending. As you can see in our groundbreaking design (pic2) we cut the panel below straighter to accommodate the larger shouldered horse, and it sits behind the shoulder, not on it! Then it has the knee roll placed on top of the flap (pic 3) not beneath, away from the horses shoulder too. This combination is perfect for the rider who wants the forward flap but whose horse has large shoulders. This saddles panels and knee roll will, therefore, not hinder the horses movements, and will not be constantly pushed back by them either. This then enables us to cut the top flap more forward, for those of you with long legs and those who like to ride shorter, giving you more room, as the top flap “floats” above the shoulder. Compared to traditional saddles, this massively lessens shoulder restriction and the horse will move better than it ever has! The LS, is a truly new, innovative style of saddle, that will free up your horse like never before.
This saddle is shown with long billets/straps. This removes bulk from under the flap, giving a closer feel to ones horse. We can supply stunning leather matching short girths for use with the longer straps. Short straps can be added if preferred.
This stunning saddle is £1,200 for off the pg fit and £1,275 for the fully custom made option
The LS is available in GP/VSD, DRESSAGE, JUMP/EVENT saddles also.

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