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Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt, I wanted to give the saddle some time to break in, get accustomed to it, etc etc before I reviewed it so it could be a genuine impression. So here's the outcome:

Review of Custom made "County Show" Saddle

It's great! My horse is moving better, really better! Even in the heat of summer when he's a slug. My position is better and if we get a leaper or a bad spot jumping I seem to stay more centered than I used to.

The leather quality & work is excellent, I have zero complaints.

The color is most excellent. I have no idea how you got an exact match to my leather by photograph's only, but it looks great.

Our saddle fitter here has looked at my saddle as well as Shannon's saddle. She is very impressed. In fact, she says she is not sure how you do it for the price!

I will be happy to refer anyone I know considering a new saddle in the U.S. in the future