The Heritage “Free Spirit” Contour Master Endurance/Dressage Saddle & Freedom Shoulder Panel


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Heritage “Free Spirit” Contour Master Dressage/Endurance Saddle and the Freedom Shoulder, Cutaway Panel version, for large shouldered, sensitive and big moving horses.

Heritage are proud to present the stunning Heritage “Free Spirit” Saddle

An incredibly comfortable saddle! So comfortable in fact that many riders use it for both Dressage and Endurance.

When you do wish to use it for Endurance, simply ask us to attach all the usual fittings for your kit.

This saddle is not only comfortable for the rider, we use the latest cutting edge materials in the super comfortable seat, but also incredibly comfortable for the horse. Why? Because of the Contour Master™ wide panel… The cutting edge panels are made up of of layers of felt, foam and layers of Latex rubber which has very high pressure absorbing properties. We also off the same panel, but flocked with English Lambs wool, for those who prefer that option.

The Contour Master™ Wide Panel absorb pressure, ensuring the horse is free from discomfort and thereby improving performance immensely. You can see in Fig 1, In the diagrams above, the traditional panel and how it sits on the horse. Fig 2 shows the Contour Master™ Wide Panel which is designed to put more panel on the horses back and therefore spreading the bodyweight of the rider and their chosen Endurance kit. This creates even pressure and eliminates the pressure points, and other issues, that cause so many back problems in our horses.

The Contour Master™ Wide Panel, a truly innovative idea that is perfect for Dressage and also Endurance and the long distances undertaken in this challenging discipline. The Contour Master™ Panel adjusts to every contour of the horses back.

This saddle is made with a wide gullet/channel to enable horses to swing through their backs, this improves engagement and stops the panel interfering with spinal processes or musculature of the horse’s back.
The Free Spirit is built on a symmetrical Tree, made by one of the UK’s Premier Saddle Tree Manufacturers. This tree can be altered by us, to make it wider or narrower, as the horse changes shape throughout the year.

Made with the finest English leather by The leather we use feels already broken in, soft and comfortable and is pre oiled. It also offers greater grip. Stunning quality, 100% English leather.
The sculptured seat gives you superb comfort, putting the rider in the correct position.

Colours are Black and Dark Havana Brown or 2Tone black and brown. Other colours may be available on request.
Another fantastic addition to the Free Spirit is the adjustable girth straps/billets. This allows you to choose the position of the first and middle strap, to your prefered position (see photograph above).

This model is also available with a more forward cut flap and several knee block sizes/designs that can be seen in the photographs too.

Adjustable stirrup bars, see phots, are a great option that give real flexibility for the rider £125.00

Also available with knee rolls under the flap if desired (not available in the Freedom Shoulder saddle)

£1,500 off the peg £1,600 fully custom made to measure to your exact requirements.


As you can see in our groundbreaking design (See final photo) we will cut the panel away, to accommodate large shouldered and/or big moving horses (in fact all horse move better, and are happier, in this panel). The knee blocks are placed on top of the flap, again away from the horses shoulders. This combination is perfect for the rider who wants a forward flap, but whose horse has large shoulders, accommodating those riders with long legs or for those who like to ride very short. We will cut the flap as straight or as fwd as is necessary for each rider and due to our own LS design design, the panel will not block the shoulders of the horse in any way.

This saddles panels and knee roll will not hinder the horses movements, and will not be constantly pushed back by the shoulders either. Standard jumping panels in a saddle can be “rocked” around from left to right by the horse large shoulders, this is eliminated in our design, and your horse will love you for it!

In this this superb design the top flap “floats” above the shoulder, so when compared to traditional saddles, this massively lessens shoulder restriction and the horse will move better than it ever has!

The LS was first designed by us in 2009. It was, and is, a truly innovative style of saddle that will free up your horse like never before and has been copied by several “well known” makers, but in the words of the great Oscar Wild… “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”

Also suitable for horses with asymmetrical shoulders because the panel is cut behind the horses shoulders, Not on their uneven shoulders, and this stops saddles being pushed over to one side.

£1,600 off the peg £1,700 fully custom made to measure to your exact requirements.

Our Dressage and Endurance Saddles are suitable for and Custom made for the following Endurance Horses… Arabians, Arabs, Missouri Foxtrotter, Spanish Mustang, gaited horses, Morgans, Single Foot Horses, Tennessee Walker, Thoroughbred TB’s, Trakehners, Standardbreds, Quarter Horses, Paint, morab’s, Bashkir curlie, Paso Fino’s etc

All our saddles are made from scratch for you and your horses unique requirements.

We offer full UK/Europewide saddle fitting service, if you would like Matthew to come and take all the required measurements etc. We will also make the saddle to instructions and photographs supplied by you or your chosen saddle fitter. This is a very popular choice and as you can see by our glowing testimonials page, it is a very succesful service

You can see how to supply what we need by pasting the following link into your browser…

Ride and ride and ride and be free, in the Free Spirit Endurance/Dressage Saddle.

We are a very flexible company and if you want any personal design changes in any of our saddles please call to discuss, anything is possible!

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