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Heritage Saddlery
1:Hi Matt.

I received the saddle today, its beautiful thank you. Can't believe how soft the overall leather and padding is.
I'm nervous that my legs are going to be too long for the flaps but will try it on and ride in it as soon as I can tomorrow.
Once again, thank you and I'll let you know how I go when I ride tomorrow.

Kind regards,

2: Hi again.

Saddle flap length is perfect! Phew
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt,

I've had four rides now in the saddle and it's been fantastic. You can use this on your website if you like:

"I struggled for months to find a proper fitting saddle and came across Heritage Saddlery's ad on ebay. The feedback was positive so I decided to try going custom and I'm glad I did. The quality, workmanship and Matt's communication (not to mention saddle making skills) are second to none. My wide shouldered mare is very happy and so am I. Not only did the saddle fit but it's the most comfortable saddle I've ever ridden in and that includes saddles from the "best" known names. Matt and Heritage deserve to be among the best and I would not hesitate to have him make me a saddle in the future. "

The photos attached are of a clinic I did last week. It was terribly windy and the mare is skittish in the wind but she held herself together for an hour. At least the saddle worked even if the wind was impeding our work!

Also, I shared photos of the saddle and my feedback with Cordia Pearson, the master saddle fitter from Minnesota.

Cheers and a thousand thanks!
Heritage Saddlery
Dear mattymarlow,

Hi Matt,
I have received my headcollar, purchased on eBay, today and feel I must write to say thank you very much for a wonderful product, I went to a large saddlers last weekend and saw they had John Whitaker headcollars in leather for sale. I wondered if mine was going to be as nice, and when it arrived I can honestly say it was 10 times better! It is such good quality, I am really pleased. I will be ordering a made to measure bridle from you for my youngster along with his first saddle. Thanks again for a brilliant service xx
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt

The saddle has arrived and I have ridden in it twice already.

Just wanted to say thank you so very much it is absolutely beautiful and is the most comfy saddle I have ever sat on. It also sits perfectly on romeo.

Many Thanks
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt,

Just wanted to let you know i got the bridle today super fast i know 9 days!! And it is stunning quality so so happy with it i cannot thank you enough for it.

i will be ordering all my bridles from you for the rest of the show team for next season as well.

Thank you so much again

kind regards
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt,

Saddle has arrived quickly and fits him like a dream. Such a lovely saddle and very comfy-thank you very much
Heritage Saddlery
Manufacturer: Heritage Custom Saddlery
Model: Custom Made dressage saddle
Category: Dressage Saddles

Purchase: I had no idea last November when I set out to find a proper fitting saddle for my Amish Warmblood that it would take six months of trial and error before I realized my only option was likely to be a custom saddle. I tried 11 different saddles from the "best" makers. I worked with three saddle fitters, two of whom were full of manure. I trained myself along the way to what features were good and what were not good. Somewhere around trial saddle #7 or #8 my stubborn streak kicked in. I can thank one of the saddle fitters for setting off my heap o' stubborn; she told me I should "get used to the back pain of a wide twist because the saddle fit the mare." Um...no. I knew we could do better. I set out on a mission to find a saddle that fit me AND the mare. One day while idly perusing saddle websites I came across a saddler in the UK who made stock and custom saddles. The guy had 3000+ transactions through his store on ebay and a PERFECT feedback score. I emailed him and he got back to me immediately. We talked and then I sent him my mare's wither tracings. He was used to the issues my mare presented; wide back and deepset lat muscle that every saddle I tried impeded. We discussed attributes that I knew worked and he suggested additional options that he knew would work. I appreciated his deep knowledge of horses and saddles so pulling the trigger on the saddle was a no brainer-- I ordered the saddle. He told me it would take six weeks and right on time, my new saddle arrived six weeks later. Punchline: WE LOVE OUR NEW SADDLE! The maiden voyage was marked by a whole lot of stretching and happy sighs (I think by both me and the mare). Not only did I find the best VALUE at $1700 (!) for a saddle, it's beautiful and comfortable for me and my mare. And did I mention it was $1700US?? Delivered to my farm in Columbus, Wisconsin? I tried saddles that ranged in price from $2200 to $4500. This one can compare with any of those saddles for design and quality, hands down. Most importantly, it fits us. I will use Matt Marlow at Heritage Bespoke Saddlery again. You cannot beat the quality at any price and it fits my mare like it was made for her, because it was. Heritage has been in business a century and Matt is second or third generation saddler. He knows horses and he knows saddles. Thank you, Matt.

Likes: The saddle is beautifully constructed of fine leather, and it's the most comfortable saddle I've ever sat my tush in.
Dislikes: I don't have any dislikes.
Quality: Excellent. Top Quality workmanship.

Summary: You cannot beat the quality at twice the price! Do yourself and your horse a favor; if you have a hard to fit horse get a custom saddle from Matt. Even if you have an easy to fit horse, buy your next saddle from Matt. You'll support a small shop with high quality workmanship.Summary: You cannot beat the quality at twice the price! Do yourself and your horse a favor; if you have a hard to fit horse get a custom saddle from Matt. Even if you have an easy to fit horse, buy your next saddle from Matt. You'll support a small shop with high quality workmanship.
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matthew, sorry this was a long time coming! Promised I would drop you a
line to thank you for our lovely saddle, Delighted with the quality and
fit.Fantastic soft, supple leather.Finally plumped for thin Thermatex
numnah, just right. Wish I had known about Heritage sooner. I would have
bought a saddle from you for my other youngster!

Many thanks and best regards,
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt, thank you so much!! I LOVE THE NEW SADDLE!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOO COMFYEmoji
I got it on monday! It was -40 degree sooo i had to wait to try it! I just tryed today!! And i loveeeeeee it!! thank you sooo much!!!!!

thank again
Heritage Saddlery
Hi, I would recommend (and have done ) this saddle company to anybody
considering a new saddle. At last I can ride in comfort after a bad fall,
breaking hip, pelvis, spine and foot, all thanks to Matt,s excellent
saddle fitting taking into account my needs as well as my horse's. the
saddle is of excellent quality and in my opinion it would be very hard to
find a similar quality product and service. I also purchased some
brilliant soft rubber reins that should be a must for anybody with
arthritic hands. 10/10 rating.
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt

I have the saddle, and it is beautiful! The LS design is a wonderful way to work with the big shoulder. The saddle sits right behind the shoulder and doesn't slide back. Perfect design idea, I don't know why this hasn't become common is all makes of jumping saddles.

Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt,

Sorry not been in touch sooner.

Picked the saddle up from you then horse went lame that weekend.

Sat it on him and seemed ok but wanted to ride in it before I got in touch.

Anyhow, just a bruised sole so he’s back in action now. Rode in saddle this weekend.

Fits a treat – glad I took a chance on it, it really does fit him well, impressed you can do such a good job from a template!

Great stuff!
Heritage Saddlery
Hey Matt,

Fiona in Tom Price, Western Australia just letting you know how delighted I am with saddle.

Fits fatty a treat & is the envy of the club.

I have forwarded your details on to my friend Skye, as we are struggling to fit her young horse & her with something comfortable for both.

I'll be promoting your saddles as much as I can!

Kind Regards,
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt

Update: Your beautiful saddle is getting us more first rosettes and qualified for POYS

Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt

I had a lovely message from Rona Frame telling me she has got her Icelandic saddle,
she sounds pleased with it after a bit of getting used to sitting in it and
her horse "loved it".
I was a bit worried that even though I was so pleased with my saddle, it
might not be the same for someone else, saddle buying is such a nightmare,
so nice to get feedback from her.
Sounds like you have got another happy customer, she made some very positive
comments about you and your service 🙂

Kind regards
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