The “Faith” Saddle Pad by Heritage Bespoke Saddles






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The Ground-breaking, Panelled, “FAITH” Saddle Pad

TESTIMONIAL:  Hi Matt and Team, Thanks so much for my Faith Pad. It’s absolutely brilliant! We have used it on different ponies and horse’s that have been difficult to fit or are too sensitive for a ‘normal’ treed saddles.
I have hunted jumped and done dressage in it, on my heavy traditional cob, and use it all the time.
In combination with a distribution girth it never slips and I can mount easily without slippage.
It really is the only saddle pad you will ever need.      Many thanks Karen Faith, Wales 30-05-2017

My intention all along the development of the Faith Pad has
been to improve on the design of the popular pads out there.
To try to alleviate the damage they can, and do, cause your horses and
ponies backs and spines.

The Faith pads have a beautifully soft panel, with a nice wide gullet channel, to alleviate
spine pressure and the problems caused by pressure and
rubbing on the horse.

Most pads cause back pressure, spine damage, rubbing and hair loss, causing white hairs to
appear. This is because they do not have a panel to help spread the
riders weight and a channel for spine clearance.

This panel, and the clearance it gives, is essential for a healthy back!

In our pads we use the latest cutting edge materials in the
super comfortable seat, but most importantly our pads are
also incredibly comfortable for the horse. Why? Because of
the cutting edge panels, which are made up of layers of
felt, foam and also layers of Latex rubber which has very
high pressure absorbing properties.

The Faith Pad also has a very soft comfortable seat and the
knee/thigh blocks(if you want them)  are comfortable, but supportive.

For extra safety, and to allow the use of our beautiful
single strap stirrup leathers, we use a genuine saddle stirrup
bar, but if you prefer a buckle just let us know

The single strap leathers are here….   also make many styles of girths, that we can match up to the pad for you, on request.

All sizes of pads, from small ponies up to Shire horses, are available in Dark Havana and Black.

Suede seat, Knee and thigh pads are just £50 extra

BESPOKE OPTION: These beautiful pads are just £50 extra for a fully
bespoke pad. This allows you to get exactly what you want in
your Faith pad.  You may supply flap width and length so you get just what
the rider needs, choose flap cut, i.e. Show, GP, VSD etc and also decide the block sizes too.

This new design is the future of pads. Your horses and
ponies will go better, be happier and be much healthier when the Faith Pad is

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