The Heritage, 100% English Polo Saddle. “The Cheshire County Polo Saddle”


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The Cheshire County Polo Saddle.
Stunning modern design, combined with total rider comfort, make this a fantastic choice for any polo player, at any level.

  • Very strong, English made Polo specific tree. The trees we use have a reinforced gullet, and stirrup bars, for total strength and safety.
  • Square cantle by default, but choose round cantle if preferred.
  • Several leather options include Buffalo print in the skirts and flaps, last photo, £100.00.  Nubuck seat, info below £75.00 and Suede seat £75.00
  • Panels are Wool Flocked usually, Latex, on request. But we will advise on best option once we see the horses conformation.
  • Sizes up to 20″ including half sizes. 19″ and 20″ size trees are £50.00 extra.
  • Flaps can be made straighter or more forward cut, than in the photos, on request
  • Colours are available are Black, London Tan or Dark Havana Brown.
  • We always add point and balance straps(4 straps each side) to all of our saddles at no extra cost, but if you prefer just 3 straps in the middle let us know.
  • The piping around the seat can be White, Black, Caramel or Brown and you can have any colour piping/saddle combination.

Nubuck info – Nubuck is a type of leather with a soft, velvety surface and is some of the most expensive leather to purchase. Unlike suede, nubuck leather is far more durable and is excellent for use on items like saddles because it will last much longer than suede.

Buffalo print leather is very grippy, hard wearing and pliable. Perfect for Polo saddles.

The price of this Polo saddle is £999.00 for off the peg purchases. The bespoke price is £100.00 extra at £1099.00 and your saddle will be made to back tracings, photographs,flap dimensions etc that you can supply us, or that Matt will take during a personal saddle fitting consultation. UK wide saddle fittings are £100.00 plus any fuel expenses incurred. All the characteristics of each horse’s conformation, and riders needs, are taken into considerstion in our bespoke builds.

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