Pink/Red/Blue General Purpose Saddle. Choice of leather colour highlights. By Heritage.


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“The Cheshire Rainbow” – General Purpose Saddle.

You can choose your favourite colour for the seat, knee and thigh pads. This is a true multi purpose saddle, hacking, jumping, hunting, flat work and leisure riding are all a pleasure in this very comfortable saddle.

  • Super comfortable padded seat
  • Knee and thigh rolls for extra security
  • Point and balance straps as standard
  • choose from Pink, Blue, Red etc for the highlights. Just ask for your favourite colour.
  • This beautiful top quality saddle has a wool flocked panel.
  • You can have this saddle with different depths of tree.
  • The Cheshire County has a round cantle by default. If you prefer a square cantle, please select that from the list of options above.
  • A 100% English made saddle.
  • This is also available as a pony saddle – 13″ to 15.5″
  • £899.00 off the peg or £999.00 for the bespoke version of this saddle. UK Wide saddle fitting UK Wide saddle fitting consultations are £100 + Fuel Expenses/Costs

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