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Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt, just wanted to let you know how we're getting on with the new saddle.

Firstly, it's the comfiest saddle ever! And I've had sooo many comments about what a nice saddle it is, and lots of people asking where I got it from! Nicky stands still to be tacked up now, unlike before where he used to back into a corner whenever he heard a saddle coming, and fidget around while I tacked him up.

He used to shake his head when i'd walk him to the mounting block.. not now 🙂 and he stands perfectly still for me to get on and tighten the girth - totally different from before when he would shoot forwards. He's still slightly cold backed he just humps his back and swishes his tail for a few steps but its still only early days and I expected him to be after the problems with his last saddles.

As you know his last back person was very impressed with the quality of the saddle and with the fit.

All in all, a very happy horse and a very happy customer, Thanks 🙂