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Heritage Saddlery
You knew I was very happy with the saddles, they are so comfortable, and
the grippy leather is superb, and my friend in Bendigo just showed me their
new one from you, and it is beautiful for their leading rein classes and
tiny rider and turnout classes.
Still the same perfect workmanship and attention to detail as always.
I show my two saddles to everyone and explain the little different things
you did for me, at my request, and everyone says "What a great Idea! Why
hasn't anyone else thought of that" I just answer, because Matty works
'with' his customers, and you get a perfect result!! Sitting here trying to think of what I need next:).
Thank you for such a perfect fit on both saddles, for both of us (me and the horses) funny that you only needed photos of the horses back and not my ....side 🙂
Thanks Matt for being so good, I have had a terrible few years but have just
done my first show again today after so long, so here's hoping for some more.

Thankyou once again,