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Heritage Saddlery

The saddle fitter just left. She was a different one from the one I used to measure for my first saddle…she’s new in the area and very close to my farm. She’s wonderful and raved about your saddle. She did just a tiny reflocking up in front…was very impressed with the quality and fit and detected no soreness in my horse’s back.

So, I had her do the tracing, for a new saddle, and will get that in the mail to you asap.

More great news…that saddle fits my new young horse great! I suspected it was a good fit, but the fitter confirmed it for me. So…I’m all set for now with him too! He’s just four, so who knows what he’ll need when he’s older, but good to know I can use my saddles on him as well for now at least.

I’ll be in touch!