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Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt,
We're still very happy with
the saddle! I only regret that I didn't remember to order a dressage
girth from you, and had to buy one over here instead. Will get you
high-quality pictures when I can get someone to hold or bribe my horse.

"My Icelandic horse is very wide, barrel-shaped and has large shoulders,
which makes finding a fitting off-the-rack saddle more or less
impossible. Even the saddle brands that carry really wide saddles (for
example Frank Baines or L&R) couldn't fit my horse unless the saddle was
made to template. After having seen Matt's work and read lots of good
reviews on the web, I ordered a custom dressage saddle from Matt, and
sent photos and templates, as well as written info on my horse's back
and what kind of saddle I wanted.

The saddle arrived quickly; turnaround time was about a month, and it
fits my horse perfectly! Saddle balance, panel configuration, gullet
width, tree shape, flaps - everything is right for him, and - most
importantly - he seems happy with his saddle. I find the saddle easy to
sit centered in, and it doesn't force you into any position or lock your
legs like some saddles can do. Another good thing is that the saddle is
neat and short with no unnecessary bulk, which is important to us with
shorter-backed horses.

Leather and craftsmanship are of high quality and comparable to much
more expensive saddles.

I highly recommend Matt if you have a wide and/or difficult-to-fit horse
(or if you simply want a very nice saddle). He understands wide horses
really well and is very easy to communicate with.