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Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but I’ve have only had a couple of chances to ride in my saddle since I got it.

In short I absolutely love it, fits my horse beautifully (have attached a pic, sorry it’s on a saddleblanket, I only thought to take it at the last minute), and I don’t know how you make those seats so comfortable, it feels like you are sitting on a cloud. The saddle does not move on her and I can even go down a slope now without having to zig zag so that the saddle doesn’t end up on her neck, lovely even panel marks, and her back has remained soft and supple. I am glad I got the narrow twist, the first couple of times I rode it felt a little wide for the first 10 minutes but after that I didn’t notice it (that’s what you get when a narrow person riding a wide horse), now I don’t feel it at all, and I have noticed that it is so much easier to dismount from, I used to get heavily pushed in the groin by the pommel of my old saddle when dismounting.

I am so grateful I found you and made the decision to get you to make my saddle, I will never buy another saddle any other way. How you make something that fits so beautifully from a few photos and a couple of measurements is a testament to your skill and expertise and the finished product is a display of your fine craftsmanship. Thank you again,