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Heritage Saddlery
Dear Matt

I just wanted to say how very pleased I am with the bridle I have just bought from you (received it just over a week ago). Your advice on the sizing was spot on - the XFS size is right for my horse. The quality of this bridle is fantastic and I'm so pleased that it is a British product and, not only that, but actually made in Walsall. Although I now live in West Yorkshire, I was brought up in Walsall and have always been very proud of it's worldwide reputation for saddlery. I only wish I had found out about your company a year or so ago when our livery yard had all its tack stolen - I could have ordered one of your saddles. I will be recommending you, although I think the quality speaks for itself. I went to a little showjumping competition last night and several people commented on my horse's new bridle.

Thanks again. All the best.