The Heritage “Cheshire County” VSD All Purpose Saddle


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VSD stands for “Vielseitigkeitssättel dressur” which translates as “versatility saddle (dressage)”. The VSD is more forward cut than a Working Hunter saddle and less forward cut than the GP.

Hand built using the finest English Leather.

All the trees we use, can be altered as horse changes shape.

This is the perfect saddle for horses with big shoulders as the cut of the panels helps to eliminate constricting the movements of the horses shoulders and helps to stop the shoulder pushing the saddle backwards. Therefore, a great choice of saddle for those of us who wish to jump a little and yet it is still acceptable today in Working Hunter classes and for showing, Dressage or Hacking too.

Point and Balance straps are added on all wider fitting saddles as standard.

Good size knee and thigh rolls for security.

Square or round cantle.

£899 off the peg or £999 fully custom built. Full UK/EU Saddle fitting/measuring service- £75 plus fuel costs.

Here at Heritage we realise that not everyone can afford a saddle for all their chosen disciplines and this saddle is the perfect choice. A perfect compromise and a great all round saddle. 16″ to 19″ [inc half sizes] & Pony sizes 12″ to 15.5″ can be made.

A 100% English saddle.

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