“The Cheshire Hunt, Tru-Flite” Heritage Jumping Saddle


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The Tru-Flite jumping saddle has been painstakingly designed to ensure it is suitablefor jumping at all levels, integrating all the technology and performance needed by riders of all abilities.
Hand made with beautiful soft English leather. Various options include Nubuck, Doeskin, Buffalo, Scrumph, Suede etc
The design of this saddle gives both horse and rider the maximum comfort and security .
We offer choices of knee/thigh blocks. These can be attached permanently or used on a Velcro system (£75 extra) and changed from large, medium or small blocks that we can make and supply to your supplied dimensions.
We also offer the option of having the knee blocks on top of the flap, you can even choose the length/height of these (see our mono flap designs to give you ideas for this design)
Available in Seat sizes from 15 to 20″ inches.
Various tree twist widths available
Seat depth flat, half flat, half deep or deep.
Flap length and widths may be supplied
Velcro on/off knee rolls and thigh rolls
Square or round cantle
Flocked or Latex/foam panels
Various colours available include Dark Havana and black. Other colours may be available depending on the leather options chosen.
Stirrup leather keeper can be loop or slit or made without

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