The Yin-Yang (LS) Freedom Shoulder Panel, Jump/Event Saddle, for large shouldered and big moving horses. A Heritage Design.


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The Yin-Yang (LS) Freedom Shoulder Panel, Jump/Event Saddle.

The worlds best design for large shouldered, big moving horses and ideal for longer legged riders.

Our Large Shoulder LS designs are now being shamelessly copied, but they will never be bettered!

This type of panel design, with a floating flap, named the LS panel by us, was first invented and designed by Matt Marlow of Heritage in 2009. It was, and is, a truly innovative style of saddle that will free up your horse like never before and is being copied by several “well known” makers. In the words of the great Oscar Wild… “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness”.

The Yin-Yang MKII LS saddle is £1,350.00 off the peg £1,450.00 Custom Built (suggested for best fit for your horse).

The 2nd photo shows the Buffalo print leather option £1,550.00

As you can see in our groundbreaking design we cut the panel away (see photo), to accommodate large shouldered and/or big moving horses. The knee blocks are placed on top of the flap, again away from the horses shoulders. This combination is perfect for the rider who wants a forward flap, but whose horse has large shoulders, accommodating those riders with long legs or for those who like to ride very short. We will cut the flap as fwd as is necessary for each rider, and due to our own LS design design, the panel will not block the shoulders of the horse in any way.

This saddles panels and knee roll will not hinder the horses movements, and will not be constantly pushed back by the shoulders of your horse. Standard jumping panels can be “rocked” around from left to right by the horse large shoulders, this is eliminated in our design, and your horse will love you for it!

In this this superb design the top flap “floats” above the shoulder, so when compared to traditional saddles, this massively lessens shoulder restriction and the horse will move better than it ever has!

The LS was first designed by us in 2009. It was, and is, a truly innovative style of saddle that will free up your horse like never before.

Also suitable for horses with asymmetrical shoulders because the panel is cut behind the horses shoulders, Not on their uneven shoulders, and this stops saddles being pushed over to one side.

UK Wide saddle fitting consultaions are £100 + Fuel Expenses.

The position of knee blocks improves knee comfort and guarantees balance and steadiness. Photo’s show the different sized knee blocks available. We will design them to your requirements, no matter how large or small you would like them to be.

Includes a large thigh block on the sweat flap, usually on Velcro, but if you prefer we can make it without this, or with the thigh block on top of the flap, as seen in the photographs.

Long, Dressage, “Y” system straps/billets – this is an available option (free of charge) and we can supply the matching short girth if you choose this model. This option removes the bulk of a girth and it’s buckles from under the flap, getting you closer to your horse. Short straps also an option.

The twist in the treee and the saddles seat are so well designed, that you do not have that unsecured feeling of “sitting on a fencepost”, that so many jumping/event saddles will give. The level of contact with your horse and it’s subtle movements are enhanced with our saddles. Creating a feeling of oneness with ones horse.

You can rest assured that, when choosing one of our Custom saddles, we will choose the correct tree type/shape to suit the horse and rider. This may include a higher arch, deeper seat, narrower twist etc. All of our  trees English made, Beechwood, spring trees and are capable of being altered by any good saddlery, wherever you reside.

Square cantle by default but choose round if preferred.

Wellup adjustable stirrup bars are and extra £125.00.

Lovely, grippy, hard wearing Buffalo/Memmel Print leather option, in skirts and flaps, is an extra £100.00.

Soft, grippy Nubuck seat option is an extra £100.00.

The piping/Welting in the seat and rear cantle can be White, Black, Blue, Caramel or Brown.

Please see last photograph of our MKII Blue Saddle, inspired by Manchester City’s premiership league win! £POA

We also make the LS-High Wither Saddle (see photo’s) for very high and long withered horses. The tree we use is custom made specially for the specific conformation issues of each horse. It has a very deeply cutback head to overcome this problem. The LS/HW is £1,700.00 Custom Made for a perfect fit.

*We can also design an eventing package, from your choice of any two of the Dressage and jumping saddles in the range + all the matching tack too. Please contact Matthew for a money saving quote on these packages.

This model is just one of the saddles in our Yin-Yang range and another stunning high quality 100% English Saddle. Let the Yin-Yang range of saddles help you to “Attain your inner balance”.

TESTIMONIAL: Ruth newey sent a message using the contact form: Hi Matt, Just wanted to let you know that the yin-yang MKII (LS) made to measure jumping saddle is everything that you promised it would be. After seven years of trying to find a saddle that would fit both my beloved horse – Punch and myself, I will admit I was sceptical. I had been told so often by saddlers that it was asking the impossible due to my length of leg, I am six foot tall and my horses big shoulders and extremely-wide withers. I must have tried every make of saddle you can think of, even made to measure saddles which fitted Punch, but were too straight cut to be comfortable and safe for me. I had nowhere for my long legs to go so my knees stuck over theknee rolls, or over the edge of the saddle. Not good on a horse as sharp as mine! However, at last we have the perfect saddle. What a fantastic idea the Yin-Yang saddle is – the ideal solution! Already Punch is happier being saddled up and he strides out confidently while I at last have a comfortable ride. I have a lovely soft seat AND room for my very long legs! I am also so much more confident as I have knee rolls where they should be! We are off for a good gallop along the beach next week – with one of my friends -yippee!!I just wish I had known of you sooner. I would have saved myself a fortune in saddles that didn’t fit, despite being told that they did! I may alsohave saved myself a good few falls due to lack of knee rolls! Still they do say that all good things come to those who wait!! I would recommendthis saddle to anyone who has problems finding a saddle to fit. It really does do what it promises and costs no more than other quality saddles. It really does fit both horse AND rider, because that is what it is designed to do. Other saddles may claim to be made-to-measure, but as I have discovered the basic saddle size and shape remains the same. After years in uncomfortable saddles I feel justified in saying that the rider’s comfort and safety are also important. In the past I have always had to sacrifice that- but thankfully no longer! I can now enjoy riding knowing that both of us are thoroughly enjoying ourselves. Cheers Matt. From Ruth and Punch. Wirral 10.07.2011

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