The Heritage “Cheshire Dressage Saddle” – A True Classic. Bespoke and off the peg options available.


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“The Heritage Cheshire Dressage Saddle”


  • This stunning Dressage Saddle is £1299.00 off the peg and £1399.00 for the Bespoke/Custom made option.
  • Deep knee rolls and Dressage tree that helps you gain the ideal seating position… we always choose the correct tree shape for the horses conformation and also the riders needs.
  • The position of the large knee blocks offer balance and steadiness and promote the perfect dressage position without restriction.
  • Our Dressage saddles are made with wide, weight bearing panels and a wide gullet channel to enable the horse to swing through his back to improve engagement.
  • When choosing the custom made option on this saddle, we will choose the correct tree, to suit the horse and rider. This may include higher arch, deeper seat, narrow/med/wide twist etc
  • Our 2 strap, 3 point, “Y” girthing arrangement keeps the saddle well balanced and secure.
  • Decades of thought and design have gone into the Wool flocked panels in all of our saddles. Our saddles fit because we understand the needs of each horse and rider. Every panel is individually cut, and stuffed, according to each horses conformation and physical requirements.
  • We can add a thigh pad if you wish, for just £50 extra (see picture)
  • Choose from colours black or dark Havana. Suede options available from drop down list above
  • Buffalo and Memmel print leather options £100
  • Adjustable Wellep stirrup bars £125 a great option. Makes the saddle very versatile.
  • The piping in the seat can be white, black, caramel or dark Havana.
  • Matching tack including girths, leathers, bridles and martingales are also available on request.
  • UK Wide saddle fitting consultaions are £100 + Fuel Expenses/Costs

A stunning 100% English saddle that is perfectly balanced to help and your horse attain their full potential.

Eventing Package…………….. We can design an eventing package to suit each horse and rider from your choice of any of the Dressage and Jumping saddles in the Heritage range. £POA

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