YIN-YANG OLYMPIA Mono Flap flap Dressage Saddle & OLYMPIA LSD for large shouldered horses


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YIN-YANG OLYMPIA mono/single flap, close contact, Dressage Saddle & the LSD (Large Shoulder Dressage)

£1299.00 off the peg or £1399.00 for the bespoke version of this saddle. 

The Large Shoulder LSD version is £1399.00 off the peg or £1499.00 for the bespoke version of this saddle.

UK Wide Saddle Fitting Consultation £100 + Fuel/Costs.

Also available with the slightly forward cut flap if preferred (see last photograph)

This stunning new saddle was designed in celebration of, and inspired by, our magnificent Olympic and paralympic games in London 2012. WELL DONE to all the medal winners from the UK and the ROW. A particular well done to our Equestrian medal winners, SUPERB!

Designed over the last year and extensively tested for fit, comfort for horse and rider, durability and looks, the Olympia’s single flap design enables very precise, close contact, of the rider’s leg with their horse.
With the mono flap design the level of contact with your horse and it’s subtle movements are enhanced. Creating a feeling of “Oneness with ones horse”.
– Long or short straps on the LSD Model (See photo’s)
– Adjustable stirrup bars can be included for £100 extra
– The position of the Semi-deep knee blocks offer balance and steadiness and promote the perfect dressage position without restriction
– Deeper/shallower Blocks can be re-designed for your needs, for £75 extra.
– We build our dressage saddles with wide, woolen flocked panels and wide gullet channel to enable the horse to swing through his back. This, as we are sure you are aware, improves engagement hugely.
– Colours are black and dark Havana and in 2 Tone BL/BR.
– Piping/welting in the seat can be black, Brown, White or Caramel brown
– Union Jack flag shaped head nails as norm, but we have other options too if preferred.

*For the Larger shouldered horse….. we also make a 2 flap version of this saddle, The Olympia LSD, for large shouldered horses. This has “cutaway panels” at the front of the saddle, to give room for horses shoulder movements, freeing up the horse like never before. See last but one picture. The amount we cut away the panel, behind horses shoulders, will be decided once the horses needs are assessed by us from the saddle fitting visit or your supplied photos. The LSD has long girth straps as standard, but short straps are an option.

Matching super-soft padded leather, elasticated, Dressage/mon0-flap girths, Bridles, Single strap Dressage Stirrup Leathers, Bridles etc etc are all available in my ebay shop here…. http://stores.shop.ebay.co.uk/Heritage-Custom-made-saddles-Tack

Stunning saddles that are perfectly balanced to help you and your horse attain their full potential.
Decades of thought and design have gone into the Woolen flocked panels. Our saddles fit because we understand the needs of each horse and rider. Every saddles panel is individually cut and stuffed according to each horses conformation.

All our saddles trees are wooden, English, spring trees that can be made wider or narrower as your horse developes. Various tree depths on request.

Heritage Custom Made Saddles are simply “Unique Saddles for Unique Horses”.
We can design an eventing package to suit each horse and rider from your choice of any two of the Dressage and jumping saddles in the Heritage range.
Please contact Matthew for a money saving quote on these packages.
Just one of the saddles in our Dressage range and another stunning high quality 100% English Saddle.

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