“The Hale Barns” VSD Saddle. New for 2016 Season By Heritage Saddlery


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“The Hale Barns” VSD Saddle. New for 2016 Season By Heritage Saddlery This stunning new VSD saddle has a very versatile, Velcro knee and thigh block system. We can supply differing sizes of Knee/thigh blocks for your chosen disciplines. Dressage, Jumping, showing or flatwork

This is a true multi purpose saddle. Showing, Dressage, Hacking, jumping, hunting, flatwork and leisure riding are all a pleasure in this very comfortable saddle
Very comfortable padded seat.
Hand built using the finest English Leathers and English made wooden tree. The tree can be altered as the horse changes shape/develops
All the trees we use, can be altered as horse changes shape
Full UK/EU Saddle fitting/measuring service- £60 + FUEL/TRAVEL COSTS
Round cantle by default. If you prefer a square cantle, please select that from the list of options above.
This beautiful top quality saddle has woolen, flocked panels but can be made with close contact Latex panels on request.
3 strap girthing arrangement by default but we always add the Point and Balance arrangement for wider saddles, or on request, free of charge.
You can have this saddle with different depths of tree as required
A 100% English saddle.
Also available as a custom made pony saddle from 13″ up to 15″ @ £699

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