The Heritage “Forever” – Buffalo Leather Endurance Saddle. Fully custom made to measure or off the peg.


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The Heritage “Forever” – Buffalo Leather Endurance Saddle. Fully Custom/Bespoke Made to Measure or off the peg.
Endurance Riding – an Introduction to the sport and our “The Forever” Endurance Saddle. Endurance Riding, one of the newest and perhaps the fastest growing disciplines in equestrianism today. Although organised endurance rides were held in the US as early as the mid- 1800s, the modern sport of endurance riding really began in the in 1955 when the Tevis Cup, a one day 100 mile ride from Squaw Valley, Nevada to Auburn California, was first run. Endurance Riding is a sport for everyone, with rides to suit every ability and age, from 10 mile pleasure ride right up to endurance rides of 100 miles in a day, and longer over several days. Although endurance rides are often hotly contested, at every level of endurance the welfare of the horse is paramount, with the strictest veterinary checks of all horse sports, and awards for best condition often being regarded as important as winning itself. For many people the unofficial motto of the sport is ‘To finish is to win’ . This sums up the satisfaction you can feel when bringing their horse home sound and healthy. The Endurance Horse – Most people starting out in endurance do so on their current horse and saddle, and it is true to say that any healthy horse can compete at the lower levels of endurance and a decent saddle can suffice. Arabs are often thought of as the ideal endurance horse, but at any endurance ride you will see representatives of many horse and pony breeds competing successfully. A good comfortable Endurance saddle will enhance the enjoyment for you and will benefit the horses health, comfort and ability greatly. In general a good endurance horse will have a balanced conformation, a relatively light build, a strong back and excellent feet. Most importantly the horse’s temperament must suit the rider and the saddle should be comfortable for both of you – 100 miles is a long way if you can’t work as a team!
“The Forever”, one of three Endurance saddles Heritage has to offer, has been designed by us with all the factors above taken into serious cosideration.Your comfort, and most importantly the horses comfort and well being, are of paramount importance.
This saddle is made from super soft Buffalo print leather. This very hard wearing, yet soft and supple, leather is perfect for this demanding discipline. Buffalo leather has a “worn in” feel from new but is very hard wearing and will last a lifetime when looked after.
The English made, Beech Wood tree used is wide and roomy and offers superior comfort. Tree can be altered as/if horse changes shape.
Due to the use of a special material we use in all our saddles seats, this saddle is very comfortable even for the longest rides.
The saddles panels are wide and deep to ensure a large weight bearing area to ensure great comfort for the horse. This creates even pressure and eliminates the pressure points, and other issues, that cause so many back problems in our horses.
This saddle is made with a wide gullet/channel to enable horses to swing through their backs, this improves engagement and stops the panel interfering with spinal processes or musculature of the horse’s back.
Extra deep knee pads sit over large knee blocks/rolls. We have listened to our customers here, they wanted the depth in front of their knees to hold them back and into the seat as they go down hill on their rides over hilly terrain. The knee pads and rolls will keep you safe and secure and there is also a good sized thigh roll for added security too.
English forged Solid Brass Fittings – You have two D’s Either side for saddle bags or pouches and at the rear there are extra fittings to attach the usual items you will need to take along plus also a crupper D in case you use a crupper.
This stunning Custom Made Saddle will fulfill all your needs for this exciting and demanding sport. You will love this saddle….. “Forever”!
Can be made from smooth grained leather on request .

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