Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt,
Just wanted to let you know that the Yin-Yang MKII (LS) made to measure jumping
saddle is everything that you promised it would be. After seven years of
trying to find a saddle that would fit both my beloved horse - Punch and
myself, I will admit I was sceptical. I had been told so often by saddlers
that it was asking the impossible due to my length of leg, I am six foot
tall and my horses big shoulders and extremely-wide withers. I must have
tried every make of saddle you can think of, even made to measure saddles
which fitted Punch, but were too straight cut to be comfortable and safe
for me. I had nowhere for my long legs to go so my knees stuck over the
knee rolls, or over the edge of the saddle. Not good on a horse as sharp
as mine! However, at last we have the perfect saddle. What a fantastic
idea the Yin-Yang saddle is - the ideal solution! Already Punch is happier
being saddled up and he strides out confidently while I at last have a
comfortable ride. I have a lovely soft seat AND room for my very long
legs! I am also so much more confident as I have knee rolls where they
should be! We are off for a good gallop along the beach next week - with
one of my friends -yippee!!
I just wish I had known of you sooner. I would have saved myself a fortune
in saddles that didn't fit, despite being told that they did! I may also
have saved myself a good few falls due to lack of knee rolls! Still they
do say that all good things come to those who wait!! I would recommend
this saddle to anyone who has problems finding a saddle to fit. It really
does do what it promises and costs no more than other quality saddles. It
really does fit both horse AND rider, because that is what it is designed
to do. Other saddles may claim to be made-to-measure, but as I have
discovered the basic saddle size and shape remains the same. After years
in uncomfortable saddles I feel jusified in saying that the rider's comfort
and safety are also important. In the past I have always had to sacrifice
that- but thankfully no longer! I can now enjoy riding knowing that both of
us are thoroughly enjoying ourselves.
Cheers Matt