The “Flying Pace” 5 Gait Icelandic Horse Saddle with Shoulder Freedom Panels.


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The “Flying Pace”  5 Gait Icelandic Saddle.

The exciting new Heritage model for the 2021/22 season…

Designed, primarily for the Icelandic Horse, the all new “Flying Pace” 5 Gait, Freedom Panel Saddle will allow your horse the Freedom it needs and deserves!
The Heritage Designed cutaway panel is revolutionary and has helped many horses over the years, in the jump world especially, but is suited perfectly for the Icelandic horses’ many gaits. In our ground breaking panel design, we cut the panel out to accommodate the shoulders of the horse. The panels then sit behind the shoulder, not on them, and allow the horse to move much more freely and without pain or restriction; a design idea that is often copied, but never bettered!
All our Bespoke orders are just that, truly bespoke, and your choice of options include the following..
  • Tree: Deep (Dressage Style), Medium (GP Style. See photos of the tree in this listing) and flat. These options will be discussed with the customer to decide the best option for rider and horse.
  • Round or Square Cantle tree.
  • Stirrup Bars: GP or Dressage.
  • Adjustable Wellep stirrup bars are an additional £100
  • Girth strap arrangements: Long dressage style “Y” system (see photos) or the more traditional 3 and 4 strap arrangement.
  • Suede seat, knee roll and thigh pad (£100).
  • Leather colours: Black and dark Havana, with a choice of Black, Brown, Caramel or White piping in the seat and rear of cantle.
  • Buffalo or Memmel print leather option, in flaps and skirts (£100).
  • Choice of 4 different headnails (makers button).
  • Flap length and cut.. flap can be cut a little forward of straight, for those riders who like to ride a little shorter in the strirrups, if desired. The flap floats above the Cutaway Freedom Panel, and interferes in no way with the horse’s shoulders.
  • Gullet channel width is always wide, to keep the horse’s spine healthy and unhindered by the panel.

Each bespoke order will be made for each horse’s specific conformation, and for the horse and the rider’s needs. Nothing is generic here; we choose the correct trees, then cut and flock each panel for the individual horse’s back shape and specific needs.

We “drop” the panels in our saddles, meaning the panel is wider, increasing the weight bearing area to distribute the rider’s weight perfectly, over the whole of your horse’s back. They are flocked with English Lambswool allowing the panels to be altered if or when necessary.

All of the trees we use are English made. They are Beechwood laminated spring trees and have a steel headplate. That headplate is adjustable, so we can keep up with your horse when they develop, grow and change in width.

The all new “Flying Pace” 5 Gait, Freedom Panel Saddle is the ultimate saddle for you and your Icelandic horse, we are sure it will prove to be a very popular model for the 2021/22 seasons, and beyond.

*This saddle is perfectly suited for all horses who need their shoulder freedom, not just Icelandics, and it will also make a fabulous Dressage Saddle. Get in touch if you have any questions about your horses breed and the saddles suitability.

IHSBC Members; We have 2 exciting offers for members of the IHSGB to choose from. Members can choose from one of the offers below:

  • 1) Free personal saddle fitting consultation with Matt (usually £75) + Free pair of traditional English stirrup leathers, to match your new saddle (RRP £50).
  • 2) Free adjustable Wellep strirrup bars (Usually £100).

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* Due to Covid restrictions our saddle build times are slower than normal, and may take up to 10/14 weeks from date of order. We expect these build times to improve as restrriction begin to lift and we get back to some form of normality.
* At the moment Matt has Saddle fitting consultations available but wait time is around 4/5 weeks at the moment for these appointments.  Fit fees are £75 + fuel expenses. Please email for an appointment or with any queries you may have…

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