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Heritage Saddlery
I am blown away by the professionalism, quality of leather, and craftsmanship by Heritage Equestrian. They took my dreadful Albion saddle and made it new for me by putting in bigger knee blocks. My saddle fitter who has been selling Albion Saddles here in the States for over ten years was blown away by the quality of leather and work. I will never sell this saddle as I love how it places me in the correct position to do my dressage work. However I can guarantee that my next saddle will not be an Albion but one made from Heritage. Their work and knowledge of saddles is spot on! Thank you,
Heritage Saddlery
As I was in the same position as yourself, living in France and not being able to try before I bought a saddle. Matt asked me to email you to explains my experience when I bought a custom saddle after having an absolute disaster with a flexible leather treed saddle that had only been used for a short time.

I first contacted matt last year regarding a saddle but as money is tight I thought it best to go with an off the peg saddle that Was designed for flat/ short backed horses. It was the worst thing I did. It made my horse un rideable/ dangerous. At first we thought it was my boy being naughty as I have had 4 yrs of problems with him . I had an master saddler out to check the saddle/ it should never have been sold as an adult saddle. So after yet again months of saving I got back in touch with heritage saddles/ matt but of course had major concerns over the fit and comfort of the saddle as I don't have the money to keep on wasting buying saddles and had to get this right or my husband would have divorced me as I have in the past bought 6 other 2 nd hand saddles that just didn't fit him correctly.
Matt really did help me get the right saddle and helped me regarding taking a template over emails. and it fits my fjord perfectly and is very comfy . also the workmanship / quality if the saddle is amazing. Far superior to more expensive saddles that are available in France. We will be ordering another for our youngster very soon as matt did a sterling job on the fit quality cut etc. I'm only 5'1 and my fjord is 14" 2 and it is the correct fit for both if us.

If you would like photos anymore info please feel free to get in touch. I have never met matt but think him an honest helpful man who cares about helping people. As finding the right saddle meant everything as I had had 4 yrs of hell trying to find the right one/ bad behaviour and for the first time ever I can now canter my horse and now have my confidence back after all his bad behaviour.

Kind regards,
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt,

Just a follow up to let you know that my saddle is still as beautiful as the day it arrived and Billy loves it. It has been admired by many and I have told everybody about it and where it came from.

I am active on pony dressage pages on facebook and often reply to queries from people wanting advice for the super wide short backed ponies we all love giving strong recommendations for a custom made saddle from yourself. Hopefully some of this has filtered through to some additional business for you.

I am slowly building my website and will soon update it with links to my favourite suppliers and products with photos and positive feedback....

Heritage Saddlery will be on top!
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt

I had a lovely message from Rona Frame telling me she has got her Icelandic saddle,
she sounds pleased with it after a bit of getting used to sitting in it and
her horse "loved it".
I was a bit worried that even though I was so pleased with my saddle, it
might not be the same for someone else, saddle buying is such a nightmare,
so nice to get feedback from her.
Sounds like you have got another happy customer, she made some very positive
comments about you and your service 🙂

Kind regards
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt

I have the saddle, and it is beautiful! The LS design is a wonderful way to work with the big shoulder. The saddle sits right behind the shoulder and doesn't slide back. Perfect design idea, I don't know why this hasn't become common is all makes of jumping saddles.

Heritage Saddlery
Hey Matt,

Fiona in Tom Price, Western Australia just letting you know how delighted I am with saddle.

Fits fatty a treat & is the envy of the club.

I have forwarded your details on to my friend Skye, as we are struggling to fit her young horse & her with something comfortable for both.

I'll be promoting your saddles as much as I can!

Kind Regards,
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt,

Sorry not been in touch sooner.

Picked the saddle up from you then horse went lame that weekend.

Sat it on him and seemed ok but wanted to ride in it before I got in touch.

Anyhow, just a bruised sole so he’s back in action now. Rode in saddle this weekend.

Fits a treat – glad I took a chance on it, it really does fit him well, impressed you can do such a good job from a template!

Great stuff!
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt

Update: Your beautiful saddle is getting us more first rosettes and qualified for POYS

Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt

Thank you for our beautiful Bespoke Poynton Show Saddle, brought a tear to my daughters eye and she couldnt wait to jump on. Fitted beautifully and she couldnt believe how comfortable it was.

So glad we made the choice to have one made, no more worrying as it fits like a glove. Thank you again Matt, such wonderful service, its been a pleasure!

UPDATE:First show of the season yesterday, 1st equitation U17, 1st M&M, and reserve champion, thanks Matt, saddle was perfect xx T
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt

Rode in my saddle today. Fits like a glove. Its beautiful thank you. Saddle flap length is perfect! Phew

Can't believe how soft the overall leather and padding is.

So very happy and my horse seems very comfortable.

I am super happy, Incredible workmanship and attention to detail.

Is there somewhere I can post a review for other potential customers to read? I have 2 friends intending to order saddles from you in the very near future and I'm sure they'll be as happy as I am.

Kind regards,
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt,

Just to let you know the custom made Contour Master saddle arrived safely and I must say it is as you promised – absolutely beautiful!! It fits him very well and is so comfortable – I love it.

Once again thank you for a lovely saddle.

Heritage Saddlery
Matt, Thought I'd let you know...

My horse is getting a little older now and having some stiffness in his shoulder (aren't we all??) so I had an equine chiropractor come look at him the other day...

Obviously the first thing she wanted to look at is the saddle and how it fits... which is still perfect after two years. She found absolutely nothing wrong, no issues at all, in the saddle area of his body, even though I'm a 190lb rider on a 14.2hh welsh cob, riding 3-4 times a week.

Of course, once she saw my saddle, then Hannah's and Poppy's...well, they speak for themselves!! i explained the process and you can see below how it's going... 🙂
Heritage Saddlery
1:Hi Matt.

I received the saddle today, its beautiful thank you. Can't believe how soft the overall leather and padding is.
I'm nervous that my legs are going to be too long for the flaps but will try it on and ride in it as soon as I can tomorrow.
Once again, thank you and I'll let you know how I go when I ride tomorrow.

Kind regards,

2: Hi again.

Saddle flap length is perfect! Phew
Heritage Saddlery
Hi, I would recommend (and have done ) this saddle company to anybody
considering a new saddle. At last I can ride in comfort after a bad fall,
breaking hip, pelvis, spine and foot, all thanks to Matt,s excellent
saddle fitting taking into account my needs as well as my horse's. the
saddle is of excellent quality and in my opinion it would be very hard to
find a similar quality product and service. I also purchased some
brilliant soft rubber reins that should be a must for anybody with
arthritic hands. 10/10 rating.
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt, thank you so much!! I LOVE THE NEW SADDLE!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOO COMFYEmoji
I got it on monday! It was -40 degree sooo i had to wait to try it! I just tryed today!! And i loveeeeeee it!! thank you sooo much!!!!!

thank again
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