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Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt,

I wanted to email you to let you know how much I love my new Yin Yang Olympia mono flap dressage saddle! It's so comfy and My horse moves so freely in it! I would highly recommend Matt to my friends and would definately use heritage bespoke saddlery again!

Thanks again,
Heritage Saddlery
Rode my young horse, Moogatti, in my two custom saddles from Heritage Bespoke Saddles & The Custom Made English Saddle Company, and he won the USEA New Event Horse Division at the FEH/YEH/NEH competition at Cedar Ridge. Thanks, Matt!
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt. Yes, Alison says it’s OK to use the email (see below) I just thought you’d like to see the difference the saddle has made, not just to Alison’s ability to sit up but also the horse’s frame and ability to relax. Various people had told us that it was typical of the mare’s breeding and type that she was just a tad short and tense. She certainly wasn’t that way at this year’s nationals, and yet again they did the double, winning the championship dressage and the freestyle to music. The photo in trot is the before and the walk one is after.
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt,

I was wondering if you could let me know the width of the slots on your plaited browband, full size.

By the way, I bought a custom made ying yang working hunter saddle from you in 2010 which still fits perfectly and looks amazing. I'm proud to show it off still despite being used 5 days a week and shown in.
Heritage Saddlery
As I was in the same position as yourself, living in France and not being able to try before I bought a saddle. Matt asked me to email you to explains my experience when I bought a custom saddle after having an absolute disaster with a flexible leather treed saddle that had only been used for a short time.

I first contacted matt last year regarding a saddle but as money is tight I thought it best to go with an off the peg saddle that Was designed for flat/ short backed horses. It was the worst thing I did. It made my horse un rideable/ dangerous. At first we thought it was my boy being naughty as I have had 4 yrs of problems with him . I had an master saddler out to check the saddle/ it should never have been sold as an adult saddle. So after yet again months of saving I got back in touch with heritage saddles/ matt but of course had major concerns over the fit and comfort of the saddle as I don't have the money to keep on wasting buying saddles and had to get this right or my husband would have divorced me as I have in the past bought 6 other 2 nd hand saddles that just didn't fit him correctly.
Matt really did help me get the right saddle and helped me regarding taking a template over emails. and it fits my fjord perfectly and is very comfy . also the workmanship / quality if the saddle is amazing. Far superior to more expensive saddles that are available in France. We will be ordering another for our youngster very soon as matt did a sterling job on the fit quality cut etc. I'm only 5'1 and my fjord is 14" 2 and it is the correct fit for both if us.

If you would like photos anymore info please feel free to get in touch. I have never met matt but think him an honest helpful man who cares about helping people. As finding the right saddle meant everything as I had had 4 yrs of hell trying to find the right one/ bad behaviour and for the first time ever I can now canter my horse and now have my confidence back after all his bad behaviour.

Kind regards,
Heritage Saddlery

I’ll post some praises on your fb page, but wanted to let you know that I rode in my new saddle yesterday for the first time.

Had my saddle fitter that did the tracings out yesterday to check the fit of it on my new horse…as his back seems very similar to the horse it was made for but as he just turned 5, I know there’s a lot of changing going on. She is a former fitter/rep for County and was blown away by the quality and fit of both my Heritage saddles. In fact, she is a dressage rider and asked if when “they honeymoon is over” with this new saddle if I’d be willing to let her borrow to ride in and show her trainer…this is a professional fitter who owns a consignment saddle shop…she’s got a lot to choose from!

She thinks the fit of this one looks great on both horses. I have not yet ridden in it on the horse you made it for (going to an event with the baby Saturday and have focused all my time this week on riding him), but rode the baby in it this morning and it is fabulous. I could not be happier.

Thanks again! Will write more later and try to post pix to your fb page of the event this weekend.
Heritage Saddlery
The saddle arrived and it's beautiful and perfect! Sidney loves it. The quality is really impressive and it fits our horse great.

Thank you! We are probably going to need a jumping saddle next year.
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt,

Just a follow up to let you know that my saddle is still as beautiful as the day it arrived and Billy loves it. It has been admired by many and I have told everybody about it and where it came from.

I am active on pony dressage pages on facebook and often reply to queries from people wanting advice for the super wide short backed ponies we all love giving strong recommendations for a custom made saddle from yourself. Hopefully some of this has filtered through to some additional business for you.

I am slowly building my website and will soon update it with links to my favourite suppliers and products with photos and positive feedback....

Heritage Saddlery will be on top!
Heritage Saddlery
Good morning Matt,
I have to say I had totally forgotten how lovely it is to sit in one of your saddles. Titch was reaquainted to ridden work this week and wow what a difference. He was described by his past owners as "cold backed" and i was advised to keep him in regular ridden work because of this. I was told if he was off ridden work for a week or more it wasn't unheard of for him to "hump or bronk" when first mounted and in the time i've had him this had been proven as true. However he has taken to your saddle like it's a part of him. He has been out of all work since mid oct '15 and in the last two weeks worn it during in hand and ground work without blinking where previously he would round his back up into his saddle shortly after tacked up or when taking the first few steps, with his new heritage there was none of this. Then this weekend after a short lunge session i got onboard fully expecting an explosion of some kind but it never came! Not a single raise in his back, no shooting forward and he can bend! We had some tail swishing which was in reaction to my legs aid but i was astounded at just how relaxed he was, I got off with a tear in my eye so incredibly grateful for the work you do! Thank you 🙂

Thanks again Matt, I'll be back for more very soon 🙂
Heritage Saddlery
I am blown away by the professionalism, quality of leather, and craftsmanship by Heritage Equestrian. They took my dreadful Albion saddle and made it new for me by putting in bigger knee blocks. My saddle fitter who has been selling Albion Saddles here in the States for over ten years was blown away by the quality of leather and work. I will never sell this saddle as I love how it places me in the correct position to do my dressage work. However I can guarantee that my next saddle will not be an Albion but one made from Heritage. Their work and knowledge of saddles is spot on! Thank you,
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt

I've ridden in my saddle 3 times...it fits like a dream!! He's a different horse to ride, much more relaxed and happy 🙂

Thanks so much!!
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt,

My saddle arrived today. I admit, I was a bit nervous about what it would look like, but I have to agree with the 99.99 percent of your customers... it's gorgeous!! I'm taking it to the barn tomorrow morning first thing to try it on my guy!

Thanks again. And I'll let you know how my horse likes the saddle! Myra, Arizona USA 31-07-15

Good morning Matt,

The saddle fits Ritz like a dream. So gorgeous!

P.S. I can't believe how quickly it arrived. It was faster getting here from England than some packages from here within Arizona!
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt,

We have used the saddle for the first time at a show I really love it on him its just perfect for what we wanted! Have Attached Some Photos for you Kenda Park Chocolate Crackle & Isabelle Wells Leading Rein Pony & Rider of the Year 2011
Heritage Saddlery
Re: Custom Made Saddle...

I ordered the Yin Yang FC Mono-flap saddle for my hard to fit self and horse. It was an easy process of getting the pictures and tracings to be able to get the right fit for my horse. Matt was also very helpful in getting the right fit for me. It takes a little while (not as long as other custom saddles) but it is worth the wait. The saddle fit my horse like a glove and I haven't felt him move that well in a long time. I loved the seat which was very comfy and I was able to sit to canter which has been very hard for me ever since my back injury. I'm so very happy with my saddle! Now my husband wants one 🙂
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt,
Just wanted to let you know that the Yin-Yang MKII (LS) made to measure jumping
saddle is everything that you promised it would be. After seven years of
trying to find a saddle that would fit both my beloved horse - Punch and
myself, I will admit I was sceptical. I had been told so often by saddlers
that it was asking the impossible due to my length of leg, I am six foot
tall and my horses big shoulders and extremely-wide withers. I must have
tried every make of saddle you can think of, even made to measure saddles
which fitted Punch, but were too straight cut to be comfortable and safe
for me. I had nowhere for my long legs to go so my knees stuck over the
knee rolls, or over the edge of the saddle. Not good on a horse as sharp
as mine! However, at last we have the perfect saddle. What a fantastic
idea the Yin-Yang saddle is - the ideal solution! Already Punch is happier
being saddled up and he strides out confidently while I at last have a
comfortable ride. I have a lovely soft seat AND room for my very long
legs! I am also so much more confident as I have knee rolls where they
should be! We are off for a good gallop along the beach next week - with
one of my friends -yippee!!
I just wish I had known of you sooner. I would have saved myself a fortune
in saddles that didn't fit, despite being told that they did! I may also
have saved myself a good few falls due to lack of knee rolls! Still they
do say that all good things come to those who wait!! I would recommend
this saddle to anyone who has problems finding a saddle to fit. It really
does do what it promises and costs no more than other quality saddles. It
really does fit both horse AND rider, because that is what it is designed
to do. Other saddles may claim to be made-to-measure, but as I have
discovered the basic saddle size and shape remains the same. After years
in uncomfortable saddles I feel jusified in saying that the rider's comfort
and safety are also important. In the past I have always had to sacrifice
that- but thankfully no longer! I can now enjoy riding knowing that both of
us are thoroughly enjoying ourselves.
Cheers Matt
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