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Heritage Saddlery
Matt, RE: Girth.....

It is brilliant thank you Matt. We competed on Sunday and qualified for Arena UK and POYS.

Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt,

Received the bridle today, it's gorgeous!! Can see myself having to replace all mine now!

If you want to send me some of your business cards I will hand them out at the shows this season.

Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt.....you recently made a bespoke Marple WH saddle for my
arab......just to let you know it fits him perfectly and I'm really really
pleased with it. I wish I'd have known about you 18months ago...it would
have saved me time, money and stress trying to find a saddle to fit him.
I've only ridden him in it 3-4 times so far but he's like a totally
different horse- he's relaxed, striding out, stretching his neck.....and
most importantly no bucking or rushing. He's standing still to be mounted
and even waited for me to shorten my stirrups without trying to dash off
straight away. Plus it looks really smart- you never know, we might get it
together enough to be out showing in it this year...

Once again...many many thanks......
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt,

I took my horse up to Carolyn's today to get our new LS Jumping Saddle. It is
more than I ever dreamed of. The quality of workmanship is superb and best
of all Phoenix went so well in it. His shoulders were so free, far better
than any other saddle I have tried (and thats a fair few !). He jumped like
a stag, he looked so happy and I felt so safe. The design is absolutely
fantastic and I am so pleased. Thank you so much. I can't wait to go for a
massive hack tomorrow. ( maybe have a pub stop to celebrate !) I will
recommend you to all my friends in the riding club.

Thanks again.
Heritage Saddlery
Dear Matt,
Thank you for the beautiful saddles delivered to us in the land of Oz...
It arrived 2 days before Christmas - feww..
It fits lovely and the pint sized rider is very happy with her new saddle.
Such beautiful craftsmanship. Our bridle to match is fantastic such fine
features will definitely look fabulous on the riding ponies.
Fantastic result for us fussy buggers 🙂
Thank you very much Matt,
I highly recommend the Heritage Saddlery for their excellent work and
ability to adapt your own personal touch to the final masterpiece.
Thanks Mate
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt,

I just wanted to follow up on my new MK II LS saddle I received a couple of months ago.

As you know I struggled to find a saddle that would fit my young 17h warmblood. He is narrow and has a very high wither that runs a long way into his back. I tried many brands of saddle and had a couple of saddle fittings, however no-one had a option that cleared his long wither.

After sending you his measurements and photographs, I didn't really think you could build something that would satisfy all my criteria for both horse and rider. After all a tracing and a few pictures to a saddle maker on another continent? But Matt kept in touch and shared information about a special tree design that his father had kept around.

The saddle arrived on schedule, the workmanship and quality of the leather is fantastic and well beyond what one would expect for that price (I have a couple of saddle that cost a lot more but are certainly not superior).

I have now been using the saddle for several weeks and am starting to see some changes:

1. Within a few days my horse was moving more freely and seems more comfortable.

2. He has moved up two jumping levels.

3. He is starting to show more muscle on his top line, especially around his shoulders.

4. This saddle needs no breaking in. From day one it felt as though I had owned it forever!

I would highly recommend Heritage Saddlery to anyone looking to purchase a good quality saddle. Also, if you need a custom fit for you or your horse, Matt offers great service and tremendous value.

Thank you!
Heritage Saddlery
hi matt finally got round to letting you know we are more than delighted
with the saddle, we are training to go away to a 3 day event just now and
the difference it has made is brill. We had trouble with her not picking
up her fore legs properly and we were sure it was saddle problems as
lunging her bareback there was never a problem. It has taken her a little
while and it must be said us too to have confidence in the saddle but she
is improving in leaps and bounds and jumping with greater confidence every
outing now. it is beautifully made and comfy to sit in i will certainly be
back when i need a saddle again and wouldn't think twice about having one
custom made again it is the way to go, i was beggining to lose faith in all
saddle fitters until we got in touch with you nothing was a problem and my
worries were put at ease every time we spoke so all in all a very satisfied
cutomer who will, and has been recommending you to anyone looking for a
saddle thank you very much again and i will be in touch shortly as we will
need a reflock sometime soon
Heritage Saddlery
Can I just tell you how delighted we are with the pony saddle you made for
our Welsh B mare. She moves so much better now with free shoulders and the
saddle fits perfectly. I don't even need to use the crupper strap now as the
saddle no longer creeps up her neck.

Thank you so much for your help with this lovely pony to make her more
comfortable while ridden

Kind regards
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt

Time to do a review for you

Long story short, like a lot of people I've spent a lot of time and A LOT of money on saddles and fitters trying to fit bad saddles to my gelding who is a difficult to fit Welsh cob - short backed, now a dipped back, big shoulders. At the beginning of last year my boy was diagnosed with a bad back, inflammation and muscle atrophy due to a badly fitted saddle. End of last year he had the all clear to ride. I spent most of last year researching saddles and fell upon Matt, I liked the idea of the ying yang LS vsd saddle, after running out of money I decided to sell a load of stuff to raise money for one. Decided to get a made to measure version, but I was apprehensive due to being let down so many times and having to do the measurements my self.
I've now been riding in it for the couple of weeks and I love it, so does my boy, bearing in mind he is now chubby and unfit he is soooo much more forward going. He moves so much more freely allowing him to stride out more, and get his bum underneath him I wish I done this year's ago. The saddle is smart, lightweight, comfortable and puts you in the right place. Worth every penny.
Anyone in need of a saddle just call Matt, the "large shoulder" range is a genius idea and worth the money if you have a large shouldered horse. Would definitely have another.

Thanks so much Matt

Kind regards
Sam and Wilco from Cornwall
Heritage Saddlery
Comments for your page lovely. I hope you're well.

After a lot of issues and various saddle fitters for my D mare I'd lost all hope of getting that perfect show cut saddle. My mare was un rideable, bucking, bolting and rearing with ill fitting saddles which numerous professionals said fit her perfectly.
I asked Matt to come out and start again. After literally looking at my mare and the saddle I was trying to ride in he advised on the tree being too narrow for her. We measured her up and I said what I wanted and within 6 weeks I received the most beautiful saddle! Matt came back to fit it and watched us ride. We were both so much more comfortable and she relaxed as we used to.
I've now got three tailor made saddles from Matt at Heritage Saddlery, and I certainly won't be using anyone else. My horses are all different breeds and sizes and have their saddles made to fit them. Not the horse to fit the saddle! Amazing and stunning work!
Thank you Matt!
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt,
The Cheshire County saddle you made for me and my horse has been a great success. We did our own tracing under your guidance via photos and videos. The tracing was sent back to you and a bespoke saddle was carefully handmade and delivered to my door. The whole process was professional and efficient. We had our six month routine check today by a local saddle fitter. She was very impressed with the quality and fit of my saddle. It just needed a slight adjustment and a bit of flocking as my horse has changed shape over the months.
Thank you so much Matt for your expertise and craftsmanship. I highly recommend Heritage Saddlery for any one contemplating a bespoke saddle.

Regards, Jo Pocklington
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt,

My saddle arrived today. I admit, I was a bit nervous about what it would look like, but I have to agree with the 99.99 percent of your customers... it's gorgeous!! I'm taking it to the barn tomorrow morning first thing to try it on my guy!

Thanks again. And I'll let you know how my horse likes the saddle! Myra, Arizona USA 31-07-15

Good morning Matt,

The saddle fits Ritz like a dream. So gorgeous!

P.S. I can't believe how quickly it arrived. It was faster getting here from England than some packages from here within Arizona!
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt,

We have used the saddle for the first time at a show I really love it on him its just perfect for what we wanted! Have Attached Some Photos for you Kenda Park Chocolate Crackle & Isabelle Wells Leading Rein Pony & Rider of the Year 2011
Heritage Saddlery
Re: Custom Made Saddle...

I ordered the Yin Yang FC Mono-flap saddle for my hard to fit self and horse. It was an easy process of getting the pictures and tracings to be able to get the right fit for my horse. Matt was also very helpful in getting the right fit for me. It takes a little while (not as long as other custom saddles) but it is worth the wait. The saddle fit my horse like a glove and I haven't felt him move that well in a long time. I loved the seat which was very comfy and I was able to sit to canter which has been very hard for me ever since my back injury. I'm so very happy with my saddle! Now my husband wants one 🙂
Heritage Saddlery
Hi Matt,
Just wanted to let you know that the Yin-Yang MKII (LS) made to measure jumping
saddle is everything that you promised it would be. After seven years of
trying to find a saddle that would fit both my beloved horse - Punch and
myself, I will admit I was sceptical. I had been told so often by saddlers
that it was asking the impossible due to my length of leg, I am six foot
tall and my horses big shoulders and extremely-wide withers. I must have
tried every make of saddle you can think of, even made to measure saddles
which fitted Punch, but were too straight cut to be comfortable and safe
for me. I had nowhere for my long legs to go so my knees stuck over the
knee rolls, or over the edge of the saddle. Not good on a horse as sharp
as mine! However, at last we have the perfect saddle. What a fantastic
idea the Yin-Yang saddle is - the ideal solution! Already Punch is happier
being saddled up and he strides out confidently while I at last have a
comfortable ride. I have a lovely soft seat AND room for my very long
legs! I am also so much more confident as I have knee rolls where they
should be! We are off for a good gallop along the beach next week - with
one of my friends -yippee!!
I just wish I had known of you sooner. I would have saved myself a fortune
in saddles that didn't fit, despite being told that they did! I may also
have saved myself a good few falls due to lack of knee rolls! Still they
do say that all good things come to those who wait!! I would recommend
this saddle to anyone who has problems finding a saddle to fit. It really
does do what it promises and costs no more than other quality saddles. It
really does fit both horse AND rider, because that is what it is designed
to do. Other saddles may claim to be made-to-measure, but as I have
discovered the basic saddle size and shape remains the same. After years
in uncomfortable saddles I feel jusified in saying that the rider's comfort
and safety are also important. In the past I have always had to sacrifice
that- but thankfully no longer! I can now enjoy riding knowing that both of
us are thoroughly enjoying ourselves.
Cheers Matt
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